Wireless Systems Solutions Inc.

Fleet Complete

Your all-in-one GPS Solution

TELUS makes it easy to work smarter, faster and more effectively in the field. The TELUS Fleet Tracking Bundle, powered by Fleet Complete, includes the easy-to-use tools you need to track your vehicles in real time, gather information from the field, and improve operating efficiencies, all at a cost effective price suited to your needs.

Select the right plan for your business

TELUS’ Fleet Tracking Bundle includes:

  • A professionally installed GPS-enabled modem
  • A subscription to the Fleet Complete software application
  • Your choice of TELUS wireless data plans: 2 MB or 4 MB per month

Improve safety and control
  • Monitor your fleet in real time
  • Track speed and distance traveled
  • Receive alerts when vehicles stray from scheduled routes or enter no-go areas
  • Generate sophisticated reports that provide the information you need to make key management decisions
Improve efficiencies and customer service
  • Map current and historic locations for a complete overview of your fleet operations
  • Overlay key information on your Fleet Complete maps, allowing you to route vehicles based on proximity to client or depot locations
  • Reduce overtime by minimizing unnecessary stops